Safest destinations for summer 2020

How to travel this summer and which destination to choose? It is not yet too late to book a vacation to your dream destination and spend a few days in a pleasant climate away from the crowds and enjoy a little relaxation by the sea. In fact, now is the right time to book the holiday you've always wanted ...

The safest destinations for summer 2020

1The safest destinations for summer 2020

We have reviewed various destinations, talked to some of our passengers and prepared for you a brief overview of the best last-minute offers for a safe, pleasant and unforgettable summer.

Note: the destinations were selected according to the current epidemiological situation and trends that indicate that they will remain on the green list.

1. Greece

The favorite summer destination among Europeans currently is certainly the well-known Greece - a magical land of excellent food and crystal-clear sea.

Greece is one of the countries on the green list and has prepared very carefully for the arrival of tourists, considering all the recommendations of state institutions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

You will be able to fly to the beautiful Greek islands safely and carefree this summer with one of the many offers available.

Zakhyntos, Greece


  • From Vienna Airport

Heraklion from 35 € (WizzAir)

Santorini from 64 € (WizzAir)

Rhodes from 41 € (WizzAir)

Mykonos from 52 € (WizzAir)

Zakhyntos from 49 € (WizzAir)

Thessaloniki from 23 € (Ryanair)

Cefalonia from 56 € (Ryanair)

Corfu from 44 € (WizzAir)

Kos from 56 € (Ryanair)

Skiathos from 64 € (Ryanair)

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  • From Venice Marco Polo Airport

Santorini from 83 € (Volotea)

Heraklion from 87 € (Volotea)

Rhodes from 105 € (easyJet)

Mykonos from 74 € (Volotea)

Zakhyntos from 52 € (Volotea)

Thessaloniki from 74 € (easyJet)

Corfu from 60 € (Volotea)

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2. Cyprus

This summer you will be able to safely travel to one of the sunniest Mediterranean islands - the magical Cyprus. In addition to being adorned with beautiful beaches, making it an ideal summer destination, Cyprus boasts with rich historical and cultural destinations as well.



You can fly to Cyprus from Vienna Airport:

Paphos from 23 € (Ryanair)

Larnaca from 35 € (WizzAir)

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3. Malta

Due to its ideal climate at any time of the year, Malta is a real paradise on earth. This island is interesting to tourists because of the many attractions it offers - from rich historical monuments such as megalithic Maltese temples, to delicious Maltese food and wine, enchanting nature, beautiful beaches and always smiling locals.



  • From Vienna Airport

Malta from 41 € (WizzAir)

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  • From Venice Marco Polo Airport

Malta from 49 € (Ryanair)

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4. Canary Islands, Tenerife

Another island often called paradise on earth, and the largest of the Canary Islands, offers everything you need to enjoy a perfect summer vacation: a handful of long sandy beaches, ideal temperatures, excellent cuisine and unique nature. The 3,000-meter-high Teide volcano is the largest peak in Tenerife, as well as in the whole of Spain.



  • From Vienna Airport

Tenerife from 81 € (WizzAir)

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  • From Venice Marco Polo Airport

Tenerife from 131 € (Ryanair)


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5. Sardinia

Sardinia is an island where people live a special way of life - La dolce vita - that is, in the moment and in perfect harmony with the environment. With a beautiful emerald coast, a mild climate and many local specialties, you will find the ideal peace in Sardinia for a truly relaxing summer holiday.



  • From Venice Marco Polo Airport

Alghero from 73 € (Volotea, easyJet)

Cagliari from 39 € (Volotea)

Olbia from 53 € (Volotea)

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  • From Trieste Airport

Olbia from 75 € (Volotea)

Cagliari from 101 € (Ryanair)

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*Airline ticket prices change all the time.

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