How to get to B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park?

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If you are arriving by plane, you can reach us from any of the nearby airports with GoOpti Dynamic Airport Shuttle. By clicking on search you can book a transfer directly from Venice, Zagreb, Trieste, Vienna, Ljubljana and several other regional airports to our hotel.
GoOpti is rated 4.5 based on travelers’ reviews on TripAdvisor. You can choose between a shared and a private transfer available to you at any desired time. We also recommend to book in advance as prices rise significantly when closer to the date of your trip. Booking on time can get you a personalized shared ride at very affordable price.

When booking a room, we recommend you to also book a shuttle transfer from your airport or nearby city to the hotel. Get directly to our hotel at any desired time at very affordable prices.

For all the help with the bookings or other transport related emergencies GoOpti is available 24/7 at or +386 40 200 702.