10 tricks to buy cheaper flight tickets

For many of us, travelling means unforgettable adventures. Buying a flight ticket in itself is a special experience, as we are immediately enthralled by the upcoming adventure. Even so, planning a trip can often cost us a lot of time, money and nerves. As flight fares are constantly changing, it’s impossible to guarantee when to find the lowest prices. However, we've prepared an expanded list of 15 insider tricks to help you buy cheaper flight tickets, including five new tips to enhance your savings strategy in 2024.
Buy cheap flight tickets with these 10 helpful tricks.

1Buy cheap flight tickets with these 10 helpful tricks.

1. Be mindful of extra fees

When comparing flight prices, pay attention to hidden fees. Low-cost airlines may tempt you with low base fares but charge for additional services such as baggage, seat selection and in-flight amenities. Take these extra costs into account to make sure you get the best deal.

2. Book connecting flights individually

Although direct flights may seem convenient, booking separate parts of your trip can sometimes get you lower prices. Use flight search engines to compare prices for individual legs and consider combining airlines to find the best deal.

3. Sign up for price alerts

Take advantage of price alert tools offered by various travel websites and apps. Set up alerts for your desired routes and receive notifications when prices drop, allowing you to get the best deals as soon as they become available.

4. Take advantage of reward programs

If you frequently fly with a particular airline, you can save a lot by joining their loyalty programme. Accumulate miles through flights, credit card purchases, or promotions, and redeem them for discounted or even free tickets.

5. Combine your travel costs

Consider combining your flight with other elements of your trip, such as accommodation and car rental. Many travel websites offer discounts for booking flights, hotels, and activities together, providing overall savings compared to booking each component separately.

6. Plan ahead

You must have already heard that it is best to buy a flight ticket three months before your trip, or at least three weeks before. Average ticket prices tend to rise as the departure date gets closer, so waiting to book at the last minute can be an expensive gamble.

7. Book on weekends

You probably knew about the first rule, but did you know that it is best to book your flights on a weekend? While the most expensive tickets tend to be booked on Tuesdays and Fridays, you can save more by booking your flight on a Sunday.

8. Choose the best days to take off

On average, starting your trip on a Tuesday or a Wednesday will also help you save some money on you airfare. 

9. Be flexible

When searching for a plane ticket, being flexible with the dates you travel will surely save you some money. Make sure you always compare the prices 2-3 days before and after your desired departure.

Additional: The nearest airport is not always the easiest and most cost-effective option. When planning your trip, it is definitely worth considering nearby airports to find the best possible deal. With GoOpti you can easily reach Trieste Airport, Venice Airport, Vienna Airport, Milan Airport, Zagreb Airport, and more.

10. Browse on multiple places

It is always good to check more sources before booking your flight. Make sure you use search engines as Skyscanner.com, Kayak.com or GoOpti.kiwi.com to get the best offers. You might also want to check some airline websites.

11. Go ‘incognito’

Many search engines and booking sites store your previous search history, so prices might change based on what you have already browsed. To avoid this and ensure you are getting the best deal possible, make sure to turn your internet browser incognito before booking your flight.

12. Non-stop flights

Don’t assume that direct non-stop flights will cost you more. This is not always true. Direct flights may actually cost less than flights with stops, especially in low-travel season or when
A new route is added.

13. Search for "error fares"

Error fares are super cheap flight tickets that are often results of errors that airlines fail to detect in a timely manner. They happen quite often and .

14. Buy an "open jaw" ticket

An open jaw flight will fly you to one destination and then fly you back from another. For example, you fly from Venice to Porto and then fly back to Venice from Lisbon. When fares are high to a particular city, with an open jaw you can take advantage of a cheaper destination nearby.

15. Fly with low-cost airlines

Low-cost airlines offer considerably cheaper tickets than their full-service correlates. Obviously, the seats are smaller and there is no free food, but it is still a great option to save money. Take a look at the 10 safest low cost airlines for 2022.

Remember, finding cheap flights requires patience, flexibility, and a willingness to explore unconventional options. With a little effort and creativity, you'll be jetting off to your next destination without draining your bank account.

Just like buying airline tickets, there are some tricks when booking a GoOpti shuttle that will get you a better price deal. Check them out and start planning!

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